Best Neighborhoods in Denver

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Best Neighborhoods in Denver

Each year, a Denver-based lifestyle, real estate, and arts magazine publishes a list of the best places to live in Denver. Most recently, a total of 78 Denver neighborhoods were evaluated on a livability formula that included home values, school quality, safety, and distinctive aspects that distinguish the neighborhood from the mainstream such as cultural offerings, food access, bike-ability, open spaces, public transportation, among other considerations. The survey included the eateries, shops, and other things that you can enjoy near your home.

Following are the top 15 neighborhoods, or best places to live, in Denver. It’s important to note that the survey was for Denver only, and did not include neighborhoods in the surrounding suburban cities that comprise the metro Denver area.

The top neighborhoods in order of its overall score are:

  • Hilltop

  • Country Club

  • South Park Hill

  • Washington Park West

  • Platt Park

  • Washington Park

  • Congress Park

  • Wellshire

  • Sloan’s Lake

  • City Park

  • West Highland

  • Five Points

  • City Park West

  • University Park

  • Montclair